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While you’re waiting on your permanent dental crown to be fashioned at the workshop, we will provide you with an impermanent crown. Because impermanent crowns are not permanent, there are some things you should do to ensure they’re staying situated in your mouth, keeping your exposed tooth secure.

One thing we always make sure to talk to about with patients, both those with and without impermanent crowns, is to prevent consumption of sugary and sticky foods such as soda and gummy candy. These kinds of foods and drinks will harm the unprotected tooth, and in a few cases the substances can become sticky enough to remove the crown. Overall, sugary foods are very bad for chompers. You can also protect your impermanent crown by foregoing tough foods, which have the effect of unhinging the crown when chomped on, and by chewing less frequently on that side of your oral cavity while you’re waiting for the final crown. Finally, don’t lift floss like you regularly would when flossing, but pull the floss outward instead of up.

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