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Most of the world has heard of laser dentistry in this age, but there are still many uses of a dental laser that patients aren’t aware could benefit their smiles. Today, our team offers four functions performed with a dental laser that could transform your smile.

Cold Sore Treatment
Cold sores are usually painful, and if you seem to develop them often, ask our dentist about laser dentistry. An oral laser reduces the pain caused by a cold sore and enhances the healing process to make cold sores more bearable.

Removal of Benign Tumors
If you have developed a tumor in the soft tissues of your mouth, we urge you to seek dental treatment immediately. Laser dentistry can often eradicate a benign tumor so that your smile is not affected further.

Cosmetic Contouring
Too much gum tissue can result in a “gummy smile” that hides your teeth. Using a dental laser, Dr. [docto_name] can recontour your gums into a more aesthetic shape that reveals more of your smile.

Teeth Whitening
If traditional whitening treatment alone is not enough to remove deep tooth stains, powerful dental lasers can help, especially in preparing the tooth.

If you would like to receive laser dentistry in Reston, Virginia, please contact Virginia Dental Solutions at 703-437-8811 today and schedule a consultation with our skilled dentist. Dr. Sumit Sharma.