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Although many people are perfectly comfortable with a visit to the dentist, not everyone is excited over the prospect of settling into the dentist’s chair. Whether it is for a root canal or an extraction, or just a routine cleaning and exam, some people look toward their appointment with anything from mild apprehension to a dental phobia.

There may be many reasons why someone does not want to see the dentist. They may not like the loss of control, the proximity of another person, or the feeling of someone else’s hands in their mouth. Some people may feel self-conscious about the condition of their teeth, while others are afraid of the potential discomfort. But no matter the reason, if a person avoids going to the dentist, they risk lost teeth, gum disease, and other problems.

If you are feeling anxious about an upcoming dental appointment, by all means, let the dentist know. You may feel better after the dentist explains all of the aspects of your procedure to you. It might also help to have a prearranged signal with the dentist and his staff so that you can let the dentist know if you need a break during your procedure.

Another option is nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas has been used by many dental practices for years. It is administered to a patient through a mask that is placed over the nose. As the gas takes effect, the patient will feel relaxed, but will also remain conscious and able to communicate with the dentist if necessary. When the gas is removed, the effects dissipate quickly. There are no lingering after-effects and the patient needs no recovery time.

Nitrous oxide is just one way to make your visit more relaxing. If you suffer from dental anxiety, talk to Dr. Sumit Sharma or a member of the staff at Virginia Dental Solutions about solutions to your problem. If you live in the Reston, Virginia. area, you can call 703-437-8811 to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you start on the road to great dental health!