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Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause you to have bad breath. Tobaco use can damage your gums which leads to your mouth having more bacteria in them and can cause you to have bad breath.

Our dentist, Dr. Sumit Sharma, is passionate about each patient, and wants you to have a smile you can be happy with. That’s why our team at Virginia Dental Solutions in Reston, Virginia, have come together to help you learn more about how tobacco can cause you to have bad breath.

The main reason that 25 percent of the population have bad breath is because of particular bacteria growing in their mouth. Tobacco use, both in smoking and chewing, can cause damage to your gums, which can give that bacteria a place in your mouth to grow. Through stopping tobacco use, and brushing and flossing your teeth daily, you can start to help your breath smell better. When you brush your teeth, remember to also brush your tongue as bacteria can grow there as well.

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