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Which Toothpaste Should I Choose?

Toothpaste is a very important part of your tooth-brushing regimen. Brushing your teeth would not be complete or done correctly without it. Are you one of those people who is a little overwhelmed when buying new toothpaste? There are so many options available that choosing the right toothpaste can be difficult. To aid you in your quest, our dentist and team are more than happy to educate you about the different types of toothpaste and what they can do for your teeth.

Toothpaste for Children

If you are choosing toothpaste for your young children, there are many varieties that come in fun colors and flavors. An exciting toothpaste can help your child become thrilled about brushing his or her teeth. If your child is younger than about 2 or still tends to swallow toothpaste, choose a child toothpaste with no fluoride.

Fluoride Toothpaste

A great thing to look for in your toothpaste is fluoride. This mineral strengthens the tooth enamel and helps protect it from decay. Fluoride is helpful for the teeth of both adults and children, so fluoride toothpaste is widely recommended by dentists. Fluoride toothpaste is especially useful for those who have dry mouth or who are prone to cavities.

Desensitizing Toothpaste

If eating ice cream or drinking hot cocoa tends to cause a twinge in one or more of your teeth, desensitizing toothpaste may be the choice for you. If your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, your dentist may recommend that you use desensitizing toothpaste for a period of time. This type of toothpaste is available with or without fluoride.

Tartar Control Toothpaste

Tartar, a plaque that hardens on the teeth, can only be removed during a professional dental cleaning by a dentist or hygienist. Preventing excess tartar is important, as it can cause gum disease. If you tend to have a lot of tartar buildup, tartar control toothpaste may be the choice for you.

Whitening Toothpaste

Do you wish for a dazzling, radiant smile? Whitening toothpastes are available that give an extra boost to the brightness of your smile. Ask Dr. Sumit Sharma about which whitening toothpaste is best for you.

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